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  1. Vector

    All you have to do is copy 0x04 from the attached file and override it in the vector one
  2. Bit of an issue with sm Paint

    you're missing the CfgNetworkMessages.
  3. SM Paint for specific players.

    add this to SM_Paint_Show: private _playerUIDs = ["766161"]; //Players that are allowed to use painting. //Check if the player is in the array of allowed players. if !((getPlayerUID player) in _playerUIDs) exitWith { systemchat "You cannot use this!"; };
  4. Bit of an issue with sm Paint

    @wilderness So issue fixed?
  5. Bit of an issue with sm Paint

    Do they not save in the database or ?
  6. Bit of an issue with sm Paint

    Actually no, this is correct it should be SM\Paint\Textures
  7. Bit of an issue with sm Paint

    tell them to stop being plebs
  8. Bit of an issue with sm Paint

    Yes, when i get home Sunday, i'm going to be updating Paint and TraderPlus, because there are some issues in them Haha, I try to make it as easy as possible...
  9. Support For New Exile 1.0.4 Base Parts

  10. SM_TraderPlus

    I don't know everything that works, I've not tested it but i don't see why not. i can't tell you if it does or not.
  11. ask about sm paint

    Hi Tom, i will PM you, to keep information from the public, but updates are always free, if you HAVE purchased any of my old scripts (ones that are now remade and on my website) then i will get you setup with the newest version.
  12. Vector building

    As i said, vector building has NEVER been on my website, I've always sold that privately. No one else has reported issues with vector building, and i can't help you solve the issue if i don't know what's wrong with it, all you've said is "It's not working". You've reinstalled it, and it don't work, others have installed it and it works perfectly fine, no one else has reported any issues with vector building. If you want another copy of it, i can give it to you. please provide me with information regarding what's wrong with it, otherwise i cannot help you not knowing what's wrong But i guess, you have a good day too.
  13. Vector building

    Removed the script from what? Vector-building has never been on my site You never really explained what's wrong with it, you just say "can't vector", little more details would be great.
  14. Modular Base Parts

    They don't support Exile (yet) sorry.
  15. SM_TraderPlus

    Do you mean, show weapon attachments? yes, the video shows it.