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  1. Script purchase

    Ahh yeah, i forgot to respond to that, i was very busy when i seen the message. I sent you a PM.
  2. Uniform paint in exile

  3. Uniform paint in exile

    Alright, i'll see what i can do when i get some free time. Thanks for the feedback
  4. SM_Sheds | More enterable sheds.

    DOWNLOAD TL-DR: makes 7 sheds that were not enterable, now enterable. Description: SM_Sheds is an addon that offers more enterable "sheds", all of these sheds are from ArmA 2, and have been modeled, and textured from scratch. Currently there are only 7 NEW enterable sheds, some metal, some wood. All of the sheds look almost identical to the original ones. Notes: - This addon does NOT require a buildings replacement script. - All of the non-enterable versions of the sheds have been replaced with the enterable ones. - THIS IS NOT APL-SA CONTENT Requirements: - CUP Terrains-Core For server owners: All you have to do is download this mod, and add it to the -mod= launch parameters. ClassNames: - Land_Misc_WaterStation - Land_Shed_M01 - Land_Shed_M03 - Land_Shed_W01 - Land_Shed_W02 - Land_Shed_W03 - Land_Shed_W4 All of these sheds were modeled by ComatoseBadger. Credits to those that made this addon come to life: - ComatoseBadger
  5. Rainbows | Loop randomize players color.

    Enjoy... just server-execute this. if !(isNil "SM_Rainbow") then {terminate SM_Rainbow}; SM_Rainbow = [] spawn { while {true} do { { private _player = _x; private _objectTextures = getObjectTextures _player; private _color = format["#(rgb,8,8,3)color(%1,%2,%3,1)", random 1, random 1, random 1]; { _player setObjectTextureGlobal [_forEachIndex, _color]; } forEach _objectTextures; } forEach allPlayers; uiSleep 0.1; }; };
  6. Rainbows | Loop randomize players color.

    Every player will change to a random color every 0.1 seconds.
  7. Vehicle paint with add on vehicles

    If you can't paint a vehicle / section of a vehicle, then that means that vehicle / section is not configured properly (Mod / Base game).
  8. Site buttons

  9. Plans for future releases?

    Of course.
  10. Site buttons

    Wait nvm, forgot about my cache, all of the images are fucked, i will fix that in a moment.
  11. Site buttons

    I'm not sure what you mean: