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  1. Exile vehicle paint explodes?

    No, It only happens when you >> scroll wheel >> paint....as soon as you enter the paint screen, an explosion occurs, your ears start ringing, in some cases there is a detonation area on the ground as if an explosive hit that spot.
  2. Exile vehicle paint explodes?

    Umm preview how?
  3. Hey, so 2 players reported to me that when you open vehicle paint menu it does some boom and there is explosion and sometimes vehicle blows up. Any idea what can it be? One of them replicated that multiple times on various vehicles.
  4. Uniform paint in exile

    And maybe a button to paint all surfaces together to the chosen color. Will save some time Thanks for the script
  5. Hey, could be really cool if you could add uniform/vest/backpack paint option. Also could be nice to have an ability to setup "paintshop" so you will have to be X meters near some configurable objects like its done in https://github.com/ravmustang/Halvs_PaintShop_eXpanded4Exile And thanks, great job!