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  1. Rainbows | Loop randomize players color.

  2. Rainbows | Loop randomize players color.

    What will I see? Different rainbows?
  3. RHS vehicles have been working great with your paint script. Some vehicles have only a couple areas to paint, where others have up to twelve. Not a complaint just an observation.
  4. Plans for future releases?

    Hope you find the time to continue with new scripts.
  5. Uhhhhhhh Exile.....

    Mods are working great with Exile.
  6. Site looks great

    This is great work. Easy to navigate around.
  7. Site buttons

    Will the Notifications and Messages buttons on the top right have icons or just need to be hovered over to see what they are?
  8. Vehicle/Base object painting

    Awesome work, all the players enjoy using this. Thanks
  9. Vector building

    Hi Stokes, Can the vector building affect the physics of other objects like vehicles in game? The vehicles have become very sensitive to flipping over or untowing. They fly up into the air.