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      Fix for vector building: http://www.exilemod.com/topic/25828-exile-104-bugs-megathread-read-the-rules/?do=findComment&comment=187458


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  1. SM_TraderPlus

    Stokes, does this have a way to only show what is available for a weapon? I don't like to guess
  2. Vector building

    Stokes, after the update from Cherno Redux vector isn't working. May have nothing to do with the map. Please advise
  3. Vector building

    Vector building had been a script I had gotten from you, along with Paint. I no longer see the vector building here. You had sold both of them to me. Both of them were paid for. I am moving on from your script. I have had too much trouble with it. The server will just do without either one of your scripts. Thanks and have a good day.
  4. Vector building

    Stokes, Still haven't found a fix. Have reinstalled. What is happening? Have you removed this script?
  5. Modular Base Parts

    Is this ready? Would have to drop all Exile build-ables. At least the wood ones.
  6. Exile vehicle paint explodes?

    I don't have time to be on test box. I have tested a lot more textures and work well.
  7. Exile vehicle paint explodes?

    Can't the EBM objects be added to the .hpp file? all the other things to paint are in there.
  8. Vector building

    Need some help. Still can't use vector. Could you go to TS tomorrow night? Would really like to get this script working again. Thanks
  9. Vector building

    Could it be affected by the NEW paint script? Vector stopped after the paint update to new one
  10. Paint script

    Have it set up with new file and I can open the paint shop dialog to select a paint. I see vehicle and can pick texture. But it's not taking money or paint vehicle after I click purchase.
  11. Paint script

    420512 seem to work as the ID
  12. Paint script

    I have 46056 allowed ID in infistar is there more or does it need to change? Might have wrong ID number. Works in development box as Admin not logged in as regular player.
  13. Paint script

    Yes I did
  14. Rainbows | Loop randomize players color.

  15. Rainbows | Loop randomize players color.

    What will I see? Different rainbows?
  16. RHS vehicles have been working great with your paint script. Some vehicles have only a couple areas to paint, where others have up to twelve. Not a complaint just an observation.
  17. Site buttons

    Will the Notifications and Messages buttons on the top right have icons or just need to be hovered over to see what they are?
  18. Plans for future releases?

    Hope you find the time to continue with new scripts.
  19. Uhhhhhhh Exile.....

    Mods are working great with Exile.
  20. Site looks great

    This is great work. Easy to navigate around.
  21. Vehicle/Base object painting

    Awesome work, all the players enjoy using this. Thanks
  22. Vector building

    Hi Stokes, Can the vector building affect the physics of other objects like vehicles in game? The vehicles have become very sensitive to flipping over or untowing. They fly up into the air.