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  1. Bit of an issue with sm Paint

    @StokesMagee Hi there So I seem to have a small issue with SM Paint, I set it up on the test server added the 46056 idd to infistar and it all works perfectly. So I then ran the sql on my live server, updated the sql_custom_v2/exile.ini file, the same as I did on the test server, uploaded the changed infistar pbo, the tanoa.pbo and the sm_paint.pbo all from the correctly working test server, and this is the strange thing, the colour paint and hex paint work fine, but with the texture paint we see the part to be painted in the preview window but it won't apply any of the texture files (apart from the default part texture), it doesn't show a cost for texturing the part (0 poptabs) and won't apply it. I am at a total loss because these exact files work perfectly on our test server which is where possible a carbon copy of our live server, the only difference being is that the test server is on a box in my office, but the live server is hosted with gtx. Even if it is infistar blocking something it shouldn't be blocking anything I do because I'm set up as a super admin on it, but I see the same as normal players. Does anyone have any ideas as to what's going on here, because I'm at a total loss, I'm pretty experienced at modding a server (two years), and installing this script was child's play compared to some of the stuff I've put on servers before now, so I just don't get what's causing this. This is the first part of the cfg file: But I'm wondering if the path should infact be "textures\camo01_co.paa" and not "SM\Paint\textures\camo01_co.paa" Screen Shots below:
  2. Bit of an issue with sm Paint

    Ah actually now I think about it, something has changed, I uploaded the latest version of infistar two days ago, and last night was the first time I got to play since the infi upload, V92 I think it is now, I wonder if that's what was messing it up? the old infi version?
  3. Bit of an issue with sm Paint

    yep they are saving in the database, very strange indeed, after posting to here last night , I put a texture onto a taru which has been working fine all along on vehicles and it suddenly started letting me paint a texture onto base parts, other players have apparently been able to do it before now, but last night was the first time that I've been able to put textures on base parts since I uploaded to the live server, haven't changed anything since it was uploaded soooo yeah because arma I guess.
  4. Bit of an issue with sm Paint

    Ok just to add a bit more information to this after playing around a bit more with it on the live server, the texture painting works for vehicles just not base parts.
  5. Bit of an issue with sm Paint

    hmmm interesting, I'm at a total loss then as to why it works on the test server but not on the live server, it's only the texture application that's messed, the colour works fine.
  6. Bit of an issue with sm Paint

    lol that's pretty much what I said (or words to that effect) and something along the lines of who the hell plays exile on a laptop
  7. Bit of an issue with sm Paint

    Super job that's good to hear, thank you, just a suggestion if your changing stuff, some of our players have made comments about not being able to see the whole trader UI if they are running smaller screen resolutions, I run 1920 x 1080 so it doesn't effect me but some of our players run much lower resolutions, just a thought. You do a good job, paint and traders are very easy to install, but I still don't get how it works perfectly on the test server but not the live server, welcome to arma
  8. @StokesMagee Hi all, just purchased the paint script and installed on the test server, it works very well thank you very much, however I don't seem to be able to paint the new Exile base parts that were introduced in V1.0.4 so I added them into the SM paint cfg file in my mission pbo, however I don't get any preview on the newly added parts, that said when you press the purchase button it does paint them ok, could someone let me know what I've missed as to why I'm not getting the preview. other than that it's a fantastic script and works very well so far. many thanks
  9. Modular Base Parts

    I'd love to see something like this, we are desperately short of exile base parts, half floors, quarter floors, triangle parts to build pitched roofs etc would be awesome.
  10. Support For New Exile 1.0.4 Base Parts

    My apologies please scrap my original post the preview does show up, I didn't realise you have to move the camera around in preview mode. Many thanks