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  1. SM_Paint allows players to be able to paint their base, and vehicles.


  2. Gives players a warning message / sound when a missile is incoming.


  3. SM_VehicleService allows players to rearm, refuel, and repair their vehicles.


  4. SM_DynamicMenu allows players to quickly interact with an object.

    All icons were made by ComatoseBadger, special thanks to him for making them.

  5. SM_SafeZonePlus protects players vehicles within a safezone.

    If a player is within the same group or family of the vehicle owner, they will be able to get in the vehicle

    For extra protection, players are required to be inside the vehicle to access the gear of a vehicle inside of the trader zone.

    Any attempts to "steal" a vehicle are logged into the server RPT, if infiSTAR is installed, it will be logged into a folder called "SM_Logs" within the servers directory.



  6. Provides players with easier ways of trading.

    • Searching of item displayNames / classNames
    • Previewing the item, on the ground, or player.
    • Ability to double click to sell / buy items.
    • Displays more store items in the 



  7. Allows players to build with all their bases using all vectors.


  8. Provides players with a improved spawn selection GUI, and gives the players a loadout based on their respect.

    • Click on the location you want to spawn at.
    • Spawn on Ground, Halo, or Parachute.
    • Spawn on territory.
    • Makes it so players can't spawn in the same area twice for 5 minutes (Persist through logging out and back in)
    • Respect based loadout with notification


  9. Allows players to purchase (configurable) an virtual garage that allows them to store 1 vehicle/aircraft/ship

    • Allow storing of only persistent vehicles (Configurable to also allow non persistant vehicles)
    • Allow storing the inventory of the vehicle (configurable)
    • Limit players that are in a family to have access to storing vehicles.
    • Limit players with an territory / above a max level / moderator access to store.
    • Allow the purchase of the virtual garage (Configurable)


  10. Textures for SM_Paint v2

  11. Textures for SM_DynamicMenu